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Fusion Program

Fusion proposes that with the changes in this new era, we must not continue fragmenting our spiritual knowledge; rather we should understand tha there is one single religion, encompassing the sum of all beliefs, and all of what we great ascended masters represent: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Zoroaster, Mohammed, Wiracocha; and to understand what all those enlightened beings taught: the practice of goodness and correct virtue towards ourselves and to all other sentient beings, respecting the laws of nature and divinity existing in all things.

It is an authentic program of personal development based on the body-spirit disciplines. We wish to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the vital energy or Prana, that the Andes mountains give us with generosity, to assimilate it in such a way that our life will have principes which contribute to the attainment of the higher objectives that these times of cosmic transition require.

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Chingo Grande (Saylla) Distrito de Oropesa
Quispicanchis - Cusco - Perú
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