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An accesible aproach to Meditation, a practice that all traditions (be they Henduists, Budists, Sufists or Christians) proclaim in different way.

Why meditate?
We can say that meditation follows a triple objective:
- To open what is closed, to balance our reactive way of behaviour and explore and investigate what is hidden.
Open, balance and explore, constitute then the three fundamental motives of the practice.

Meditation is a live and dynamic practice that constantly gives place to new ways of finding value in and understanding our existence, the path of meditation brings about a process of deepness through self observation, it's a voyage inside yourself.

Meditation Room
We teach diverse types of meditation, and we also organize meetings for people who already know the process of Meditation. Free off charge

The meditation room has been constructed in an octagonal shape (Buddhist) with capacity for 35 people.

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