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The spiritual level of individuals is in great measure a consequence of their diet, and progress can be appreciated according to the food they eat. A greater intake of some substances can produce a superior mind, which tends to prove that we will be able, maybe in the future, to reach a level of physical and mental development superior to the one known today.

The Incas knew the secrets of wild plantas so that they were able to domesticate food of croops of an exceptional nutritional value, for example: corn, potatoes, quinua, kiwicha, tarwi, maca, to mention just a few. This is why in the Monte Aguila Center we offer a vegetarian menu based on these products, which guarantee a balance of energies for good health, not only physical but also mental.

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Chingo Grande (Saylla) Distrito de Oropesa
Quispicanchis - Cusco - Perú
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